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#103 The 3rd Kusama Auction (And Last On Auction Admin Track before the 2023 Schedule Enacts!)

This third auction on Auction Admin track will replace the first auction for LP28 on referendum 72. Given that the Root Track already has a proposal being voted for the 2023 auctions schedule, this needs to be done first to ensure the right cadence of auctions in Kusama. For the community to understand: the first three auctions of the original schedule are voted via Auction Admin track: the rest is scheduled via referendum 101 (Root Track).

This proposal represents the last one (hopefully) on Auction Admin Track before the 2023 schedule (originally presented here) enacts and starts running.

  • Encoded call data: 0x480001e170
  • Parameters: auctions.newAuction(duration: 14400, leasePeriodIndex: 28)
  • Proposal hash: 0xb190ec6496ffc0b1daba06328043ffcc036d309b99a268092a59810da9c9ec12

Note: as this needs to happen before the root track call in referendum 101, this auction for LP28 will have a duration of 14,400 blocks to give more space until the start of the root call to ensure things go well.

Make sure to vote at your convenience!