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#101 Kusama Auctions for 2023

Kusama auctions are scheduled using the Scheduler Pallet and its recurring feature. This pallet offers two options: the frequency of execution (in blocks) and the number of times it should be executed. Unfortunately, as the scheduled auctions queued on Scheduler by Referendum 72 and Referendum 81 have been misconfigured and subsequently cancelled, it has become necessary to propose this Referendum with the right parameters to ensure that all auctions are properly scheduled throughout the year and the Kusama community can continue including new parachains and allowing those already up and running to renew their slots in 2023.

Please note that from the original schedule, originally approved by the community, two auctions have been submitted via the Auction admin track

And a third one will also be submitted via the same track. After this one, if approved, the 2023 schedule will continue as stated here.

The preimage submission can be seen here.

The image can be found here

Please make sure to review and cast your votes!