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#263 Swap Mangata X Slots

Mangata X is requesting to swap slots between Para ID 2110 (”operating parachain”) and Para ID 2256 (”crowdloan parathread”). Mangata X has been an operating parachain under Para ID 2110 since early last year. A crowdloan parathread 2256 had to be created to facilitate a second crowdloan. After successfully winning an auction, this proposal aims to swap slots.

Mangata X is currently the only DEX chain exposing the native tokens of the Turing and Imbue Networks to the broader ecosystem, as well as making several Bifrost tokens available for trade. It would be beneficial for the whole ecosystem to support Mangata X in continuing operations.

Why are you not just sending an upward message from both chains?

We announced a crowdloan start date to the community and when we tried to initiate the crowdloan and Kusama told us it is not possible. We have flagged this as an issue on Github.

We had to quickly create a new ParaID and did not have the time to compile a proper WASM. Hence, it will not be possible to let the new parathread signal its intention. Additionally, we were not aware that slot swapping is available at the time, as we could not find any documentation on it. This video was created since then to explain parts of the situation.


The proposal enacts a utility.batchAll call that contains two registrar.swap calls that are inverse to each other and signal to the relay chain that the slots may be swapped.

Encoded Call: 0x18020846033e080000d00800004603d00800003e080000

Call Hash: 0xdb8d15125539d52a1c01d2e709a29d4e46de387713c8ad14006f4ec1472264fa


The owner accounts of both Para IDs have submitted proof that they support the swap: