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#97 Testing Treasurer Track - Close Bounties & Slashing Tips

Dear community,

Summary: This proposal seeks to test the Treasurer's origin in its ability to cancel bounties and slash tips. The bounties are SPAM and the tipping system is no longer receiving the attention of the Council. If these actions are successful I am seeking a payout of 32 KSM (8 KSM per item) for use with my public staking rewards payout bot.

Details: The Treasurer track has been used to primarily fund recipients using treasury.spend(); it has also been used to fund and assign curators to bounties. I would like to further test its ability to close two SPAMMY bounties entitled "Catching #KSM Scams And Buying And Burning Rug Nfts" and "Help Bring The Ruggables Real Governance". I would also like to test use of an extrinsic that hasn't been used often, tip.slashTip(), this extrinsic removes a tip and slashes the user's deposit (0.033 KSM x 2) returning it to the treasury. These are items of house keeping and it is best administered by the public in an open and collective manner.

As a reward, I am proposing a payout of 32 KSM (8KSM x 4) made payable to an account used by my public KSM staking rewards payout bot. Rewards are divided into two independent branches, 16 KSM if both bounties are indeed closed and another possible 16 KSM if both tips are slashed. If neither extrinsic is successful then no reward would be issued.