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#89 Cancelling Referendum 81 (Auctions Schedule for 2023) Due To Wrong Parameters At Submission

Kusama auctions are scheduled using the Scheduler Pallet, and the recurring functionality that this brings. The recurrence of this pallet offers two options: every how many blocks this recurrent should be executed, and how many times. Unfortunately, referendum 81 has been misconfigured and the two parameters on the scheduler pallet have been passed in the wrong way.

Solution: Ref 81 will have to be cancelled and re-submitted on-chain.

This proposal aims to cancel referendum 81: to then be replaced by the new auction schedule proposal. The cancellation was meant to happen with referendum 85 (already enacted) but during execution we discovered a bug: the pallet does not allow root to cancel/kill referendums  (logged here to be solved for the future), so hey! Failures also come with learnings :)

Encoded call data: 0x150351000000

Proposal is submitted. Please make sure to vote at your convenience!