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#85 Kusama Auctions: Third time’s a charm - STEP 1

Kusama auctions are scheduled using the Scheduler Pallet, and the recurring functionality that this brings. The recurrence of this pallet offers two options: every how many blocks this recurrent should be executed, and how many times. Unfortunately, Ref 72 and Ref 81 have been misconfigured and the two parameters on the scheduler pallet have been passed in the wrong way: For example, the first scheduler call will not create 2 auctions every 100_800 blocks, but rather 100_800 auctions every two blocks.

Solution: both Ref 72 and Ref 81 will have to be cancelled and re-submitted on-chain.

For this, we will work on 3 proposals:

  1. Whitelisted caller track proposal cancelling scheduled auctions + ref81;
  2. Auction admin track proposal for the first auction on Ref81: this will give us one more week to vote on the third proposal;
  3. Root track proposal for all auctions in ref72 + the last auction batch of ref81.

The first proposal is now submitted and is THIS ONE - this proposal aims to cancel all scheduled auctions that are incorrect on scheduler:

And referendum 81: up for vote on Root track now. The reason why we are cancelling this proposal is due to the fact the same mistake was made on submission.

Please note a Fellowship proposal is also needed, up for vote now by its members, to whitelist this proposal hash to make sure the proposal executes successfully.

Proposal preimage: HERE. This has been submitted.

Please make sure to vote at your convenience!