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#80 Auction now (Auction Caller) - scheduling 1 auction to replace the first missed auction meant to be scheduled by referendum 72

Auctions on Kusama are scheduled using the Scheduler Pallet. Referendum 72 was proposed on Kusama through root Track given that the Scheduler Pallet can’t be called by the Auctions Admin (this PR will change that). Due to voting turnout, Referendum 72 will not be executed before the first scheduled call, set to happen at block height #16_367_188. This means that the first batch of auctions for LP27 will not be executed, as the scheduler pallet does not allow the execution of an action in a past block (the other batches will be scheduled).

In order to alleviate the demand of auctions (teams that need to renovate their slot during LP27 to keep uptime of their parachains will not be able to do so, therefore having to interrupt their service to the community) we have proposed the following two referenda, up for vote now and scheduling 3 auctions from next week:

This referendum aims to schedule the first auction creation call but through auction admin track without using the scheduler. The auction will be triggered shortly after approval. Max Target Block is the latest this can be submitted given the support it can have. If submitted today (27/Jan), then it will need at least a support of 3.85% for this solution to work.

(The other two auctions are aimed to be scheduled by this proposal) - up for vote as well.


  • Auction: Auction Admin

  • Parameters: auctions.newAuction(duration: 14400, leasePeriodIndex: 27)

  • Encoded call Data: 0x480001e16c