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Proponent: Polkadot Safari: GTMzNnXX1Ps663f5KhJ2ummru1hRCD9hy6yieNEZuh6G8WW

Request: 6,918.88 KSM

6,918.88 KSM (USD $289,900) (Rate: $41.845/KSM based on EMA 7 ~ Subscan on 24th Feb, 2023).


I am Sianoi Kimari, a core contributor of Safari DAO, and I am proposing a 2-day conference in Kenya, the first ever Polkadot conference in Africa.

We are set to host attendees from the 30th March until the 1st of April. We’re on a time crunch and have done all of the marketing organically through Twitter Spaces with teams such as Astar Network, Unique Network, Subsocial and many more. The conference will take place in the breathtaking location of Naivasha, just 2 hours from the capital city Nairobi. Transport to and from Naivasha will be covered for attendees. With plenty options of accommodation along the same road of the venue. This idyllic setting offers a unique barefoot networking experience, surrounded by stunning wildlife, and breathtaking scenery at the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Kenya has a proven track record of embracing tech innovation, and it is ranked among the top countries globally for crypto and blockchain adoption. In 2021, Kenya was ranked 5th globally for crypto adoption, and 19th in 2022. As the home of the world’s most ubiquitous mobile payments technology, MPESA, the country's forward-thinking approach to technology makes it an ideal location to host a conference that promotes the benefits of Polkadot and Kusama. This conference will equally have a Pan-African appeal, with confirmed attendance from Polkadot Ambassadors in Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar, and other nations.

We aim to bring together individuals and organizations from all over Africa to learn about and explore the opportunities within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Polkadot and Kusama aim to provide a scalable and interoperable network that enables seamless communication between different blockchain systems. By hosting the first ever Polkadot conference in Kenya, we hope to raise awareness of the benefits of this technology and attract new developers, community builders, and users to the ecosystem both locally and in the continent.

The conference will bring together developers, researchers, media, investors, and other stakeholders to experience the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, share knowledge, and discover new collaboration opportunities. This event truly aligns with Polkadot's roadmap of promoting education and engagement, and it will provide a platform for showcasing the progress that has been made towards the ultimate goal of creating a decentralized and interoperable network for a new web.

The unique setting of Naivasha will provide an unforgettable backdrop for networking and exchanging ideas, and attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the area's natural beauty. We have nearly 200 signups for the bootckathon, 87 for speakers, 11 different parachain and ecosystem teams, and 65 local and Africa-wide scholars to be sponsored to attend the hackathon. During writing this proposal, we have discovered parachain teams from Africa and can’t wait to meet them.

You can access our detailed proposal via the link provided.

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Thank you for considering this proposal. It's linked to this discussion.

Best regards,

Sianoi and the SafariDAO team.