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#102 Polkadot.study - Educational Platform for Developers

Polkadot.study aims to be an educational learning platform, that allows developers to increase their skills on topics concerning the polkadot ecosystem. After 2+ weeks of discussion, feedback and revisions on polkassembly I now feel confident to propose the creation and moderation of the above.


Onboarding new developers that stay active and contribute to a lively ecosystem and community are crucial for the success of a network like Polkadot / Kusama


Good learning resources for developers in forms of tutorials with interactive code examples are missing, or scattered at many different places.


Online learning platform for developers by developers in the polkadot ecosystem with the following key features:

  • Search engine optimized react landing page with great UX to onboard developers
  • Interactive Learning quizzes (see appendix for example)
  • Github CI setup for automatic builds
  • Open source tutorials written in Markdown (based on Docusaurus, editable via GitHub pull requests)
  • Fund authors (this proposal asks for the funding of 10 initial written tutorials to kickstart the process)
  • Filter Tutorials by Tags (e.g. „substrate“)
  • Landing page for each tag with additional links to docs, additional learning resources

Requested Amount

A total of 1492 KSM is requested, split in 80% upfront to ensure start and 20% on completion: 1193 KSM + 299KSM.

This referendum asks for the first payment of 1193 KSM.

Full Proposal

Read the full proposal here

Read the original discussion here