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#2159 Maintenance for the substrate-api-client Feb-23 to Apr-23

We'd like to fund maintenance of the substrate-api-client from February 2023 until April 2023. This is a continuation of the Treasury Proposal: Maintenance for the substrate-api-client Nov-22 to Jan-23.

The substrate-api-client is a Rust-library for connecting to a substrate-based node via RPC. It is an alternative to subxt, which provides a similar functionality. RPC clients are needed in any software component, connecting to a substrate parachain. Therefore it is advisable, that there is more than one client available for Rust developers. Apart from that, the substrate-api-client fills a gap, providing the possibility to create extrinsics in a no_std-environment. Thereby facilitating extrinsic creation from within trusted hardware (like Intel sgx). This has a big potential for further usage in IoT environments. Last but not least, the substrate-api-client has an easy-to-use interface and comes with many practical examples, which makes it a good option for new developers.

This proposal is a follow-up of the treasury proposal maintenance for the substrate-api-client Nov22 - Jan 23. View our report for details on our work there. We aim to seek ongoing funding. At the current stage, we want to work on improvements of the existing functionality and providing examples for using the client in different use cases. Furthermore, we want to start the implementation of a cli-wallet with password encrypted keystore.

Details can be found in our full proposal.