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#548 Community-oriented Sub.ID features - Batch one

Sub.ID Features Proposal: Collator and validator staking, Staking dashboard, Crowdloan claims, Cross-chain transfers

Launched a year ago, the Sub.ID web dapp was initially designed to provide quick and convenient access to all your Substrate addresses, balances and other assets in one place. It was built with the Dotsama ecosystem in mind and tailored to benefit its most active members. Since then, Sub.ID has been connected to over 30 Substrate chains, gained substantial traction, and got its own dedicated vision and roadmap.

We are seeking to secure funding from Kusama treasury for the following community-oriented features:


  • Collator and validator staking: network selection, stake / unstake buttons and actions, collators / validators list, parachain / FRAME staking pallets support
  • Staking dashboard: staking analytics, data aggregation, APR calculation, rewards calculation
  • Crowdloan claims: claim buttons and actions, claim/vesting pallets support (backend/frontend), human friendly time to unlock staked tokens
  • Cross-chain transfers: native & cross-chain transfers (UX/frontend), tokens pallets support (native transfer), XCM pallet integration, support of EVM tokens & transfers


  • Alternative balance view
  • Accounts grouping
  • Transaction history
  • P&L analytics


  • Mobile app

The first allocation will only cover BATCH ONE features for now, the rest are our plans for the future.

Please review the full proposal with detailed description costs at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RElvy5RYhnNInwnGsjibedGLI3EeBoqqazKk6Syv13M/view. We would love to get your feedback please.