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#362 Motion To Schedule An 11th Parachain Auction in block 9,535,569

This proposal aims to schedule the opening of an 11th auction, based on Council and community feedback and given there is enough time before the end of the lease period to add one more to the batch.

Reasoning behind the 11th auction opening:

After consulting with the Parity parachains team on stability and security of the network, the Council concluded that the extra buffer time and the potential positive implications for the network security of a new lease being locked are reasons enough to consider opening a new auction being opened on 06 October, that might potentially open an 11th auction on Kusama: There seems to be a formed majority on this idea. Adding to this, since Kusama is a canary network, demonstrating that Kusama’s governance is flexible in this way can be a positive signal and matches the ‘expect chaos’ idea.

All in all, there seems to be an agreement on opening a last motion next Wednesday 06 October before the current lease period ends.

After discussion in the Direction Channel, it seems like the best approach is to open the proposal for Council to vote on scheduling the opening of the auction at block no. 9,535,569. This number is calculated in the following way:

  • 72,000 blocks for the hard-coded 5 days until the current motion ends
  • End of the current parachain auction (1st phase - 2 days): block no. 9,462,968 (as per calendar)
  • 601 blocks (1h to give randomness enough time to choose the winner of the current auction).

Some reasons for a council-only vote, as laid out during the discussion:

  • The delicate timing means that maybe the council should initiate this: The people who would be most in favour of this could not vote.
  • There are at least 184k KSM locked that would clearly like another auction slot.
  • Everyone with non-crowdloan KSM has an incentive to delay this, because it will give them at least one extra good project to join in the next batch.
  • An external motion > referendum vote would take the involvement of TC, which would add one layer of complexity to a decision the community seems to be in agreement of.
  • A normal referendum would not make it to enactment on time.

It is now up to the Council to decide.