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#341 UI for easier creation of assets on Statemine

This proposal is for the first deliverable of Treasury Proposal: UIs for easier creation of assets on Statemine and asset transfers.

The deliverable is to create a cross-chain user interface for asset creation and includes:

  • Standalone user interface (incl. hosting and DNS setup)
  • Read relay chain balance
  • Read Statemine balance for selected asset and KSM
  • “Create asset” UI
  • Checks for required balances on Kusama and Statemine
  • List all required transactions (incl. cross-chain transfers)
  • Execution of all required transaction
  • Reporting transactions progress to the user

For additional details, please refer to the main post, the doc and the wireframes.

Update: Here are the designs in Figma. Happy to hear your feedback!