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#251 Parachain Slot Swap for Zeitgeist parachain

This is a proposal to swap the slot leases of Zeitgeist parachain (2101) with parachain 2231.

The new parachain runtime seems to contain a bug that could not be spotted during onboarding in a local relay chain environment, since it worked flawlessly. However, on the live environment the collator panics during block production. The original plan was to execute the swap via XCM, however this is not possible now anymore. Once lease 25 expires, Zeitgeist parachain will downgrade if no swap is executed before.

To be able to provide continuous operation of the prediction market protocol, we kindly ask the Kusama community to execute the swap via governance.

To prove that the swap is authorized, a signature is applied by the manger of parachain 2231 (that will lose slot leases to 2101).

Message (includes timestamp): [1668545144] I hereby authorize the swap of slot leases between parachain 2231 and 2101 on Kusama

Manager account for 2231 (registrar.paras(2231)): E8MLdGgiZxAJNUJggDYSM6j3tiLYEDRbtRmDF5fhse8xqaK

Signature: 0x2cbb57e83bb5cc37a7d0304d467f688561ec4cf05ed2aca85722e87a340ea07ef4e6eca4c83140dd356dbcded8b52f361e0cc1e333991a5ef5cfceaf1285be8a