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#150 Protecting The Community And Letting Them Speak

I would like to preface this by saying I support the Integritee project and team. It’s good stuff.

However, there has been a trend as of late, within the ecosystem, of teams launching crowdloans and not being transparent, or changing facts halfway through, after community members have already locked their KSM up for 48 weeks. This is absolutely unacceptable.

The Integritee team recently performed a bait and switch on the community members. They opened their crowdloan with early contributor bonuses, and then the very next day announced they would be having an IDO with KSMStarter. I will not delve into KSMStarter here, as it has been covered extensively elsewhere, but suffice to say the community knows they are scammy. Many of us no longer want to contribute to Integritee’s crowdloan, as we have been misled and lied to.

The case seems to be that one or more of the VCs backing the Integritee team is forcing them into this partnership. While it is very unfortunate that this project and team are involved in this, we must take these actions for the good of the ecosystem, and to send a message.

Do not try to trample on the community. Do not try to blindside the community. Do not try to pull a fast one on the community. Be transparent.

I sincerely hope that Integritee will renounce this partnership with KSMStarter and secure a slot in the future.

Thank you to JAM for assisting with the technicals of this proposal, despite having no strong opinion about the subject.

Henceforth, this proposal aims to end Integritee’s crowdloan on block #10,094,420. This is the soonest that Kusama’s governance structure will allow. This is one block after this proposal will pass, if approved, and one day before the beginning of the 4th auction. The voting period for this proposal will begin on October 30th at 8AM UTC, at block 9,878,400, and end on November 6th at 8AM UTC at block 9,979,200.

If passed, there will be an 8 day enactment period, which will result in the changes included in this proposal to be implemented at approximately 8AM UTC on November 14th at block 10,094,400. Integritee’s crowdloan will be end 2 minutes later at block 10,094,420.

Immediately thereafter, anyone will be able to call the “refund” function, and all the KSM contributed to Integritee’s crowdloan will be returned to the contributors. If they wish, the Integritee team can immediately open a new crowdloan if they wish to bid in the 4th auction in this lease period.

We are now in a waiting period until October 30th. Assuming no other proposals are submitted, this proposal will be selected to be voted on in the next voting period, from October 30th to November 6th. However, if any other proposals are submitted, we have some competition. You can assist us to win, if need be, by “seconding” proposal 51. Please visit the voting page (set to the Kusama chain) and you will see the “Second” button for proposal 51. This will reserve .05KSM until the proposal is passed, or denied.

You can only reserve .05KSM at a time, so if you have more, you will have to second the proposal many times. You can batch multiple seconds in one transaction, let me know if you need help (it will still take a while). I did not want to bar anyone from helping, so I set it low. If there is competition, the proposal with the most KSM “seconded” to it will be selected for the next voting period.

Once the proposal has been turned into a referenda and is up for vote, you will need to lock your KSM to vote for it as well, on the voting page. Kusama’s governance structure features a time-lock voting system, the longer you lock your KSM, the more votes it gets you. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN VOTE WITH STAKED KSM! Longer time-locks will give your votes more weight, and help push this proposal through.

We may expect opposition.