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#133 Referendum can be rejected

Previously, the #129 referendum proposal has been passed and is in the dispatch queue. Still, after the Bifrost team tested it, it was found that if the total weight of XCM messages in a single block exceeds ump_service_total_weight, they will be discarded, resulting in a loss of funds.

Fortunately, the original value of ump_service_total_weight is 100_000_000_000; there are not enough XCM messages to trigger this issue. However, if proposal #129 is executed, ump_service_total_weight will be reduced to 5_000_000_000. Thus there will be a high probability of triggering hidden issues, so Bifrost proposes to cancel the implementation of the proposal #129. Before the final conclusion, in order to minimize the harm, Bifrost proposed this referendum proposal to readjust ump_service_total_weight to 100_000_000_000, Fortunately, the proposal #129 has been revoked by the council through motion, so this proposal (#133) no longer needs to be executed. It can be rejected, thanks to everyone.

Thanks to the Acala team for cooperating with the test, and related issues have been raised for repair.

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