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#96 2nd Auction To Schedule on Auction Admin track (As We Wait for Root Track To Be Free)

As the scheduled auctions queued on Scheduler by referendum 72 and referendum 81 have been cancelled, it is time to schedule the second auction of the year. Both mentioned proposals were cancelled as they were misconfigured and the two parameters on the scheduler pallet have been passed in the wrong way: For example, the first scheduler call will not create 2 auctions every 100_800 blocks, but rather 100_800 auctions every two blocks.

This proposal aims to schedule the second auction of the year in Kusama, with the following parameters:

  • auctions.newAuction(duration: 14400, leasePeriodIndex: 27)
  • Encoded call data: 0x480001e16c

Once root track is available, we will be voting on a proposal with the right parameters that can schedule all auctions throughout the year. This proposal will replace the second auction on referendum 81. To avoid collusion of auctions, this auction should be proposed before block #16_619_120, and execute in block #16_674_233.

Make sure to vote at your convenience!