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#118 Runtime Upgrade v9380 for Kusama

This proposal aims upgrade Kusama to runtime v9380: for the specific details on this upgrade please check the release notes. Among other important things, this upgrade allows Auction Admin track to use scheduler and includes XCM v3.

System.setCode using Utility.withWeight: 0xd064c28fe800bca901e800b4a3b4a5275244326ee7f4a546bb1ba77c6d674fd8

Whitelist.dispatchWhitelistedCallWithPreimage: 0x6140667f05a4bc94f8c90e0d27c9fc54bde8d074eee75eba684a13699cc14b28

Remember the proposal hash up for vote is wrapped on the whitelist call: the call data to open this proposal can be found HERE.


  • [P] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #6336 Low - Westend state trie to version 1

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13065 Low - Allow duplicate topics in smart contract events

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13105 Low - Scheduler is already at v4

  • [P] #4097 Low - Xcm v3

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6490 Low - Enable treasury.spend by root origin for polkadot network before gov2

  • [P] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #6573 Low - Allow auctionadmin to use scheduler

  • [S] ✅ audited #13214 ❗️ Medium - [fix] countedmap::set now takes counter into account

  • [S] ✅ audited #13204 Low - Contracts: deprecate random interface

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13194 Low - Correct arithmetical semantic of perdispatchclass

  • [S] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #11637 Low - Add proof size to weight output

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13235 Low - Migrate new benchmarking syntax from frame_support::benchmarking to frame_benchmarking::v2

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13216 Low - Remove uncles related code

Please note this proposal is submitted as a proposal in Whitelisted Caller track: the fellowship has already whitelised the proposal hash for this submission. If approved, the proposal will enact in block #17,119,600.

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